Perhaps there's more to "villains" than meets the eye...

Summoned by a magic mirror to Twisted Wonderland, a world altogether unlike your own, you arrive at Night Raven College, a prestigious arcane academy.

With nowhere else to go, you accept the masked headmage's hospitality and begin searching for a way home.

You quickly find that the students of this school are as talented as they are dysfunctional—bickering and competition are the perpetual order of the day.

Will you be able to work with them and eventually return from whence you came?

And what secrets lie within the villainous hearts of these students?


  • Twisted Wonderland

    A twisted wonderland beyond the known world, where those who can use magic coexist with those who cannot.

  • Arcane Academy

    An educational institute dedicated to cultivating the finest mages.

  • Night Raven College

    A prestigious four-year arcane academy. Its doors are only open to students deemed to possess magical aptitude as determined by a magical artifact called the Dark Mirror.

  • The Great Seven

    Great figures whose deeds are the stuff of Twisted Wonderland legend.
    The students of Night Raven College all revere these seven figures.

  • Dorms

    At Night Raven College orientation, the Dark Mirror assigns each student a dorm according to the essence of their being.
    There are seven such dorms, each based on one of the Great Seven.

  • Heartslabyul Dorm

    A dorm based on the Queen of Hearts' spirit of strictness.
    Twisted from Alice in Wonderland.

  • Savanaclaw Dorm

    A dorm based on the King of Beasts' spirit of persistence.
    Twisted from The Lion King.

  • Octavinelle Dorm

    A dorm based on the Sea Witch's spirit of benevolence.
    Twisted from The Little Mermaid.

  • Scarabia Dorm

    A dorm based on the Sorcerer of the Sands' spirit of mindfulness.
    Twisted from Aladdin.

  • Pomefiore Dorm

    A dorm based on the Fairest Queen's spirit of tenacity.
    Twisted from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

  • Ignihyde Dorm

    A dorm based on the King of the Underworld's spirit of diligence.
    Twisted from Hercules.

  • Diasomnia Dorm

    A dorm based on the Thorn Fairy's spirit of nobility.
    Twisted from Sleeping Beauty.