School staff


    Dire Crowley


    VO: Mitsuru Miyamoto

    As a special favor, I will admit you to Night Raven College! Certainly, I am the most charitable person alive.

    The headmage of Night Raven College. Likes to constantly remind others how kind he is. He grants the MC student status and appoints them prefect of Ramshackle Dorm after they wind up stuck in Twisted Wonderland.



    VO: Noriaki Sugiyama

    I'm gonna let you be my minion. Lucky you!

    A monster who aspires to be a great mage. He will eat anything and everything, and his tendency to get carried away often gets him and the main character into trouble.

    Divus Crewel


    VO: Kent Ito

    Stay. If you wait like a good dog, I'll give you a treat.

    A professor at Night Raven College who teaches the school's science curriculum, including potionology. He feels strongly about fashion and refuses to compromise on what he wears. He always carries around his signature pointer.

    Mozus Trein


    VO: Rikiya Koyama

    Hurry to the classroom. Even one minute of tardiness is unacceptable.

    A professor at Night Raven College who teaches the school's social studies curriculum, including the history of magic. He is a widely feared professor who is strict with students both in and out of class.

    Ashton Vargas


    VO: Ryota Takeuchi

    Come and sculpt a body as well proportioned as mine!

    A professor at Night Raven College who teaches the school's athletic curriculum, including PE and flight classes. Hot-blooded and vain, he pushes students to build their bodies because he believes muscles are a necessity for spellcasting.



    VO: Subaru Kimura

    My friends on the other side told me you want...this.

    The proprietor of Mr. S's Mystery Shop, a school store on campus. He stocks everything from food to magical artifacts. He has a friendly demeanor, but he can also be a high-pressure salesman pushing odd goods on his student customers.